Development Update 2

Development Update 2

Another week, another update - making steady progress, and I've got some new pictures to show!

  • Extdata (used by a lot of games) is fully supported now: As it turned out, implementing this was straightforward based on the existing save data code.
  • Games that create a lot of threads would run out of "Thread-Local Storage" memory. Mikage allocated about 8 times as memory as it really should have, and furthermore due to an oversight this memory wouldn't even be freed when a thread terminated. By implementing a smarter memory allocation scheme, both of these issues have been addressed.
  • The ARM64 JIT is progressing nicely, albeit there's still a long way to go

With these new changes, I've got Bravely Default booting! It crashes after creating it's save file due to more unimplemented functionality, but progress is progress :)

This post was originally posted on 17 July 2019 for patrons, and released publicly on 15 December 2019.