Development Update 10: A teaser!

Development Update 10: A teaser!

It's been a while since I announced new titles that now work in Mikage, so I figured I'd make up for that by announcing a big one ;)

Super Mario 3D Land is now functionally playable! Yes, you read that right - it gets past the title screen, plays back the entire intro sequence, and you can actually play the game.

Suffice to say I'm extremely happy with this result. It was actually back in January that I realized how close the game was to getting ingame (bearing major artifacts), but then things improved bit by bit until eventually the game rendered almost perfectly!

Other than two small (but very important) bug fixes, all changes required to get this game into this state were about implementing new things (most notably stencil testing, but lots of minor stuff too). This is a good thing: Rather than spending my time fixing code I've already written, Mikage's solid foundation allows us to add more comprehensive emulation and progress towards broader game compatibility.

I'll prepare a video of Super Mario 3D Land in action over the weekend, but I figured I'd share the news here first :)