Development Update 1

As you imagine, it's been a busy week - besides closely watching and replying to the announcement thread on reddit and getting my hands dirty in video editing, I actually managed to spend some time on development too:

  • Luigi's Mansion 2: After fixing a corner case in my GPU memory fill implementation and stubbing the DownloadPlay service, the current blocker seems to be the shared font implementation. That one is needed by a lot of other games too, but since it'll require a large chunk of work I briefly put it on hold for now.
  • Steel Diver: Sub Wars, Nano Assault: Both are currently blocked on accessing "extdata", which is a variant of game save data. I'm in the process of implementing this, since it's required by a lot of other games too.
  • Bugfix: Mali GPUs had gone completely untested until Mikage's announcement, since I didn't have access to hardware to test on. Luckily, there have been some helpful supporters on Discord who lent me a hand in testing, thanks to which I quickly figured out the underlying issue. As you've seen, this fix clearly was important enough to warrant a new alpha build release, too.

I don't have any new screenshots to show quite yet, but overall I have a better understanding what's blocking some titles from reaching the title screens - so hopefully it won't be too long until we see them run properly!

This post was originally posted on 9 July 2019 for patrons, and released publicly on 15 December 2019.